Get MORE great results from your LEAN program! LEAP evaluates .  .  .  

The “Visual” condition of your environment
The Lean “Behaviors” present in your associates
The Lean tools you’re using

LEAP processes your self-evaluation inputs along with some basic company information through our proprietary database, to give you a ROADMAP to LEAN improvements!

RATE YOUR “LEAN-ness!” Click the box that describes YOUR Lean results and compare your organization against our benchmarks
1 Novice – We’ve read about it and tried some things, but haven’t fully committed
2 Experimenting – We’re trying, but our results are sporadic and not sustained
3 Believers – Lean has stabilized our performance, but we need more improvement 
4 Skilled Implementers – Our Lean visuals and associate engagement are sustaining our gains – BUT we aren’t world class . . . YET!
5 Our “World Class” results continuously improve. 
LEAN generates Transformational RESULTS 
  • 10-15% Average annual sales growth 
  • 25 – 300% First year profit improvement
  • 95%+ Product / Services Delivery performance
  • 60% reduction in waste costs
  • 50% shorter Response Times 
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