Test your score on these ten points by answering True or False to each. 

The Visual Environment

  • Visual controls for process flow, order and issues response, or other activities are limited or non-existent and don’t initiate production decisions or problem response (behaviors).
  • Flow (of information, products, materials, and management of status changes) is sporadic, and often disconnected – resulting in untimely resolution or completion.
  • Kanbans may be used to organize materials, but don’t necessarily control production or resource assignment.
  • Sporadic evidence of 5s (Sort Straighten and Shine) may be evident, but a formal program is not deployed.

Cultural Behaviors

  • “Takt” is not used to determine resource levels, manage materials or capacity, or initiate work related activities.
  • Management personnel make most production related and scheduling decisions as well as coordinate issues response.
  • Performance metrics aren’t universally known or understood by the organization and don’t influence associate behaviors.
  • A general skills assessment and deployment check hasn’t been made in the organization.

Lean Tools Usage

  • Limited evidence of primary Lean tools (kanban, early stage 5s, andon visuals, error proofing, standard work and setup reduction) may exist, but they aren’t supported by an organization-wide program.
  • Advanced tool usage such as Total Productive Maintenance, 5s, Autonomation, Error Proofing, and advanced visuals; is rarely in place and generates sporadic benefits where used.

In a level 1 environment, behaviors follow a reactive need to support the business mission, but because they aren’t fully reinforced by good skills development or well deployed tools, the result is performance to objectives that is below target and not predictable.

If you answered “True” to more than half of these questions, you’ve correctly assessed your organization at the “1” level. If you would like to learn how to improve your lean deployment and turn it into results – contact us at sales@chautauqua-llc.