Test your score on these ten points by answering True or False to each.

The Visual Environment

  • Visual controls for process flow, problem identification and resolution, resource deployment, and inventory; are so simple and clear that a visitor can identify abnormal performance without explanation.
  • All process workflow’s are connected, flowing downstream from the pacemaker. Status and performance information is visually or audibly conveyed with associates trained to respond to any type of problem.
  • All process work-flow is continuous and Work-In-Process is minimal.
  • 5s is completed throughout the facility, is standardized in all areas and shows a history of sustained performance.

Cultural Behaviors

  • “Takt” is the basis for all activity (resource allocation and process capacity) with all work initiating at the “pacemaker.”
  • Problems are identified and resolved by associates and group leaders without affecting process flow. Long term corrective actions are associate driven.
  • Key performance metrics are linked to the overall strategy and serve as the drivers for improvement activities. Lower level metrics deploy to the individual level.
  • Skills development is led by management, group leaders and key associates with constant ongoing work in preventive techniques and abnormality response (Jidoka).

Lean Tools Usage

  • Primary Lean tools (pull/kanban, 5s, andon visuals, error proofing, standard work, as well as basic error proofing and setup reduction) are fully implemented and sustaining continuous improvement.
  • Advanced Lean tools (Total Productive Maintenance, Autonomation, advanced Error Proofing and Setup Reduction), are fully implemented and sustained.

In a level 5 environment, all appropriate Lean tools are fully deployed and improvement is continuous. Culturally, all associates are engaged, the use of Standard Work is pervasive, and Error Proofing, maintenance work, and Visuals have all moved to a preventive level. All of the visuals in the environment are clear enough to make it understandable by a visitor. Performance to objectives is at World Class levels in most areas.

If you answered “True” to ALL of these questions, you’ve correctly assessed your organization at the “5” level. To enhance your ability to audit, sustain, and perpetuate improvements to achieve “World Class” results – watch our LEAP Video.