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Chautauqua personnel have over twenty years of Lean experience, completing implementations for several major companies. We’ve used this experience to develop our own LEAN Excellence Assessment Process which looks at:

  • The “Visual” state of your environment
  • The Lean “Behaviors” present in your people
  • The Lean tools you have in use

Once you have self assessed your current state of Lean, LEAP will then help you determine the tools and actions necessary to plot your course for improved performance.

RATE YOURSELF! Choose your level of Lean expertise and proceed to our assessment page to compare your organization against industry benchmarks. From there you can prioritize the steps needed to accelerate your rate of implementation and obtain the results you expect!

  • Novice Level – We’ve heard about it, but haven’t really gotten started
  • Experimenting – We’re trying, but our results are sporadic and not sustained
  • Believers – We’ve used Lean to stabilize our performance, but need more improvement
  • Skilled Implementers – Our improvements are sustained, the environment is visual, and our people are engaged in the improvements.
  • Improvement Masters – Our results are “World Class and we’re constantly improving

SELECT the option that best suits you from the LEAP menu at the top.

LEAP generates Transformational RESULTS

  • 10-15% Average annual sales growth
  • 25 – 300% First year profit improvement
  • Product / Services Delivery accuracy >95%
  • 60% reduction in waste costs
  • 50% shorter Response Times