What is a Chautauqua? Its origin is an American Indian concept of embracing “all things.” Chautauqua is a force that develops the realities of life. President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Chautauqua is the most American thing in America.”

Lowell Puls founded Chautauqua Inc. in 2009 as a “Vision Quest” for the improvement of manufacturing organizations. Business 5s, LEAP, and SIMPLE, are processes (described below) designed to radically improve the performance of your business and deliver sustainable bottom line results. Our expert facilitators will collaborate with your teams to generate real results through improved performance, higher customer satisfaction, and faster response to changes in your market, the economy, or your customers expectations.

Chautauqua is tested and proven by American Manufacturing Companies who want to win the global competition. We’ll help you identify opportunities that have a direct and rapid impact on your business performance, and then achieve them! Our testimonials contributors speak well of just how effective our approach is, focusing on honest solutions that drive project ROI’s rapidly “cash-flow positive, ” and are sustainable long after the project is complete.

We deliver: Best-in-class performance with world class results, no matter where in the world you manufacture. Our product and services offerings all have the goal of rapid performance improvement and generate “bottom line” cash-flow. They include:

  • Business 5s – A 5 step business improvement process that gets your business moving toward sustainable world class results by building a culture of performance excellence!
  • LEAP – Our Lean Assessment Process employs your own self-assessment information to generate a roadmap which will guide from  your current state of Lean to the next level and beyond.
  • SIMPLE – Our Short Term Management Process for Lean Execution was born in the oil sands of Alberta and used to manage complex maintenance turnarounds worth over $250,000,000.
  • KISS – Keep it Simple to be Sustainable – is the book written by Lowell Puls, Chautauqua founder, manufacturing operations expert, and global Lean practitioner.
  • Plant Layout and Workflow Design – Chautauqua personnel have assisted clients in designing Lean workflows for more than 10 new and existing manufacturing facilities around the world. Our approach gets results!